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ThermalAs flat roofing systems age, leaks tend to occur due to a variety of reasons caused both by environmental issues and human error. When the need exists, we utilize a non-destructive inspection using our FLIR infrared imaging equipment to perform a roof scan to detect existing moisture damage to your roof. Our analysis begins by locating the points of moisture entry and marking those areas of roofing where moisture has been present due to leakage.

When a leak occurs, a residual amount of moisture always remains beneath the otherwise dry roof surface, internal moisture within the roof system remains almost indefinitely after leaks occur. With our state-of-the-art Infrared equipment, we can accurately locate even the smallest areas where leaks have occurred. Once the moisture affected areas are identified, the points of entry can be marked and repaired. All our reports include recommendations of where to repair, how to repair, or if necessary, recommend replacement of the roof. This information will be documented in a complete report, an aerial photo of the roof/facility, and a CAD roof drawing with the moisture damaged areas clearly noted.

An additional benefit of our roof moisture survey is that the roof's overall condition is assessed. If the roof contains large areas of trapped moisture, roof moisture surveys determine if the roof should be repaired or replaced. If replacement is necessary, the amount of "tear-off" of wet roofing and insulation is minimized.

Listed below is an informative video from the manufacturer of the infrared imaging equipment that we use to conduct our inspections.